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BOOK review by Asha

Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed

By Lori Gottlieb

Here is an interesting read for all those aspiring TA therapists – “Maybe you should talk to someone” by Lori Gotilieb. An extremely candid and riveting read, it traces the journey of a therapist with not just her patients but her own therapist as well! Be ready to sit with that paper and pencil to jot down those nuggets of embedded wisdom within the stories that she recounts of the journeys of her clients.

These episodes provide for insightful reflection and self-analysis both for the author and for you the reader as well, viewing it from the lens of a therapist in practice. For those of us journeying with our clients and taking it into supervision and simultaneously working with our therapists to delve deeper into our innermost spaces, there is an incredible sense of familiarity of the universal truths of our lives- love, desire, self-worth, patterns, abandonment, belonging and resistance. The rawness and authenticity with which she discloses her own issues and her feeling of stuckness at times in her session with clients is eerily real and hits home very hard at times.

I’ll leave you to read the account of her various clients and the insider details rather than reveal snippets to lead you on. The beauty of holding space for another in this delicate and intensive process of psychotherapy while baring her own demons takes courage and Lori Gotilieb surely inspires you and reiterates the beauty of the work we are doing in the space of mental health.


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