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Operations Team

Operations have been in the process of streamlining, what else, OPERATIONS!! We have the drafts of the Operations Manual and the Grievance Redressal procedure reviewed by the EC and BOT respectively.

We transitioned from the earlier website team to a new external vendor. The Covid situation brought challenges in its wake, while setting up the support page we had to deal with Covid impacting some of the team.

Guruprasad K, EC member, Ops, worked on the Operations Manual along with Nafisa Salati and in streamlining the website operations with the vendor. He has decided to move out of the Ops_EC team. Many thanks to his contributions in holding fort and putting in systems that we can take forward. Welcoming a new EC member in Gunjan Zutshi. We also welcome a new Executive Assistant to the BOT, Nisha Mary who joined us earlier this quarter.

We are updating the membership list which should be up by October. We invite everyone to check the membership status and update their membership where required. While on the subject, only payment through Instamojo will be accounted for and registration needs to be made on the membership page. Membership ID that shows personal details is disabled. Communications with SAATA is only through

Prathitha Gangadharan, PTSTA-P VP, Operations SAATA

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