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SAATA ‘Ask Me Anything’ furthers the dialogue about mental health with 50 Shades of Gender and Sexuality and Preventive Psychiatry.

October is Health Literacy Month. To mark it, SAATA organised an online talk about ‘Preventive Psychiatry in the post-pandemic world’ by Dr. Mohan Raj. The session was facilitated by Krishnan Madhabushi and was held on 28th October 2021.

Following the interactive Ask Me Anything format, the conversation was designed to address the questions sent by the audience during registration. Dr. Mohan Raj answered questions around a broad theme of topics including adolescent mental health, effects of the pandemic on children, dealing with increased screen time, the long-term effects of social isolation, anxiety, role of medication and the after effects of hospitalisation amongst others.

Dr. Mohan Raj kept the audience engaged with the wealth of his knowledge, his reassuring manner and his effortless conversational style.

SAATA also celebrated the Pride Month with an Ask Me Anything on the topic‘50 shades of Gender and Sexuality’ with Deepak Dhananjaya and Krispijn Plettenberg.

Held on 28th June 2021, it was an informative, educative and interactive session which answered questions by the audience on a vast range of topics including role of society, family and the community in redefining the narrative.

Through these sessions, we have been able to reach out to an ever growing group of people. Both events saw a high number of registrations and participation by many people outside of our member base. We hope to continue this dialogue with more such sessions around relevant and contextual topics to further the conversation around mental health.

First ever SAATA-organised PTSTA workshop (online)

SAATA organised an online PTSTA workshop on October 7-8, 2021, facilitated by Ragini Rao, TSTA-P and C. Suriyaprakash, TSTA-O.

There were five PTSTA participants who attended the workshop - Geethan A, Joy Roshan, Prathitha Gangadharan, Raguraman K, and Seema Pradhan.

The workshop focused on the three parts of the TSTA exam as per IBOC. 

Day 1 - Presentations and discussion on various supervision models including a live supervision of a PTSTA issue from a TSTA exam perspective.

Day 2: The participants worked on their training philosophy by exploring various dimensions of their practice as a trainer and supervisor. There was a mock exam of the TOE-Theory, Organisations, Ethics-board with feedback and discussion on what the expectations are from the candidate taking this exam. 

The workshop concluded with a prepared teaching segment emulating the TSTA teaching exam followed by feedback, questions and discussion.

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